Types of Coffee Beans

The types of coffee or the coffee varieties are the derived  subspecies from the coffee plants. They are either selectively bred or naturally selected. Coffee plants can be either cultivated or wild. And only a few wild varieties are considered as commercially important because of presence of characteristic traits such as fruit yielding trait and disease resistance trait.

There are mainly 2 types of coffee beans that are available commercially.

These are

  • Coffee Arabica
  • Coffee Robusta

Both the beans have different kinds of taste and this taste depends upon how they have been grown and where they have been grown. People can also use a combination of both the beans to produce a unique taste.

Seventy percentage of all the coffee beverages of the world are made from the coffee arabica bean. The bush of the coffee arabica bean is grown all over the world. This bean contains less caffeine as compared to the Canephor coffee bean  and is highly flavourful and provides an aroma to the coffee.

Arabic bean grown in different regions of the world create different kind of flavours in the coffee bean. The place of the cultivation of the arabica coffee bean provides multitude to the flavour of the arabica coffee.

The flavour of the arabica bean depends on the neighbouring foliage, soil, weather and temperature. For example Arabica beans  from Kenya have a bitter taste while arabica beans from Ethiopia have a floral finish, easy flavour and are smooth. The arabica beans from Colombia have a very dark texture and are bold in taste with a hint of walnut after taste. The Latin American Arabica beans are bitter in taste with a flavour of cocoa and have a nutty finish. The best Arabica coffee beans are found in Costa Rica, which share a similarity with the Brazilian arabica coffee beans. The only difference is that they are lighter and sharper in taste.

The Robusta coffee bean is also called as Canephor coffee bean. It is also grown in many parts of the world. The caffeine content in this coffee bean is more as compared to the Arabic coffee bean. The Robusta beans are bitter in taste and are acidic because they contain less amount of oil than the Arabic coffee beans.

This robusta coffee bean is cheaper and is used all over the world for the espresso in the expensive roasts or as blended coffees. In Asia, most of the world’s robusted coffee beans are cultivated and planted. Even when they are acidic and bitter,  they are not poor in taste and provides a good quality coffee.

Some of the world’s best espressos are made and brewed from these coffee beans. These are the gourmet coffees which are exclusively flavoured and are highly expensive. The best Robusta coffee beans are found in Komodo and Sumatra. These beans are roasted to produce a exquisite coffee, like Kona and Java.s The taste of the coffee also depends on the fact that how it haas been roasted.

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